A couple of years ago I had the unenviable task of sorting out the personal effects of a loved one. Among these was an old tin. Inside the tin were six letters dated from the 1950’s. Intrigued that they had been preserved in such a way, I put them in date order by their postmark and read them. The words touched me deeply.

Within these few precious papers were the shared dreams and passions of two newly wed people. More than this though, they were an exchange of joint aspirations clearly defining a joint future. It was as if these two people existed for each other – two souls locked into one perceived destiny.

When I folded the last letter and replaced it back into its envelope, I felt sad for them. For in opening this time capsule I was privileged to share what they had seen as their future, feel their passion and commitment to each other. However, I knew what actually happened in their lives: their dreams would not be fulfilled, illness would steal them away and ultimately lead to their early separation.

Yet, knowing both well, neither would have been bitter or want me to feel that way. Life is unpredictable and we all need to dream, but we cannot dictate to nature what will happen.

Stolen Treasure is not based on these people, nor set in the same era, and neither is it a reflection of their lives, but I wanted to write a story that was based upon the theme of soulmates as a simple tribute to a couple who actually existed.

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