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To Have And To Hold

 The Yorkshire Saga: Book 3

To Have and To Hold

The Yorkshire Saga: Book 1

With Napoleon’s spies hidden all over England, no one can be trusted…


Well written with loads of historical detail and intriguing characters. A super read.’ – Julia Ibbotson, author of A Shape on the Air

‘A gripping start is followed by lots of twists and turns before the leader of the smuggling and spy ring is unmasked.’ – A Darn Good Read


The Yorkshire Saga: Book 2

The war may be over, but the battles of the heart are still raging…

“This is an exciting adventure story, rich in scenic and historical detail. The author clearly knows and loves this landscape and inspired me to go and see it for myself.”

“An easy, enjoyable and amusing tale with some interesting characters and an intriguing and fast paced plot.”



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Leaving Harris, her controlling ex is the hardest thing Jen has ever done.

Happiness and independence are within Jen’s grasp.

When Jen receives gifts and they turn sinister, fear and paranoia threaten to return.

Someone is trying to destroy her peace…
Her present…
Her future.
But who is it?
Or someone she doesn’t know?
When Jen needs help, who will come?


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Romance, adventure, contemporary or historcal fiction!

Chloe's Friend by Valerie HolmesAbigail Moor by Valerie HolmesSophie's Dream by Valerie HolmesHannah Of Harpham Hall by Valerie HolmesStolen Treasure by Valerie HolmesBetrayal of Innocence by Valerie HolmesThe Captain's Creek by Valerie HolmesDiscovering Ellie by Valerie HolmesBethany's Justice by Valerie HolmesRoses Are DeadPhoebe's Challenge by Valerie HolmesFelicity Moon by Valerie HolmesThe Baker's Apprentice by Valerie HolmesTruth, Love & Lies by Valerie Holmes

The Penn Mystery Series

Coming Soon! Release date TBA!

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  1. I’m so glad to have found your blog. Your books look like great reads! Moving On and Dead To Sin particularly appeal to me. I will certainly add them to my BTR list 🙂

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