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‘Hannah of Harpham Hall’ was shortlisted for The Romantic Novelists’ Association’s category award – The Love Story of the Year. This engaging romantic novella has been newly edited to delight further.

“What a lovely story full of love & intrigue, which I read in one sitting. I loved the characters & the twists & turns & thoroughly enjoyed the story. Valerie really is a great writer & never disappoints.”


The blackthorn cane had a striking silver wolf’s head engraved on its handle. Like its owner, it looked strong and determined.“A delicious Regency! Eleanor is horrified to be made homeless by her brother’s gambling debts and still more disturbed to find herself falling in love with the man who won the estate.  Valerie Holmes resolves this dilemma in a spirited tale that keeps you turning the pages until the final “Ah!” of satisfaction.”  GL Robinson, New York


“I have known Valerie for over fifteen years and thoroughly enjoy her lovely stories! You’ll be in safe hands with her to guide you!” Christina Courtenay – award winning historical novelist.

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“A fine Regency epic set during a time when women were expected to be complaisant and humble towards their masters and ‘betters’; but Lydia Fletcher is not and will fight for what she believes in – honesty and trust.”  Val Wood – award winning and best-selling saga writer.


Kindle and paperback versions now available: Here

1814 North Yorkshire, England

Lydia Fletcher is party to a secret. The lives of her father, a young woman and an unborn child depend on her keeping it. Lord and Lady Bagby are using her ailing father’s situation to ensure her compliance with their plans.

Lord Samuel Speers, a consulting physician, arrives in the village to purportedly complete a study on the health of the local people. He is really there in search of his cousin, a young woman who had been the Bagbys’ governess, and has disappeared since leaving their employ.

He quickly recognises that Lydia may well be the key to solving the mystery and is drawn to her. Realising she is working beneath her natural station in life he presses for information. Lydia is desperate to trust someone, but is that person the handsome doctor?

Lydia needs a solution to her problems and time is becoming desperate. Who can she turn to? Dare she disclose what she knows about Samuel’s cousin? Will she be the next victim of the Bagbys’ plans?

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The Penn Mystery Series

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Australia | Brazil | Canada | France | Germany | India | Italy | Japan | Mexico | Netherlands | Spain | United States of America | United Kingdom

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  1. I’m so glad to have found your blog. Your books look like great reads! Moving On and Dead To Sin particularly appeal to me. I will certainly add them to my BTR list 🙂

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