Manuscript Appraisal

Many people would like to write a short story, novella or novel. If you are one of them then read on…

I offer constructive criticism, showing how the work can be improved or developed to a professional standard.

If you have a manuscript (or a partial) that you would like professional feedback on then contact me below with the details to receive a reasonable and realistic quote.

Here are some comments from my previous students:

“Valerie is a wonderful mentor and tutor. She helped me a great deal in polishing my manuscript and showed me how to improve the structure and flow of words in my novel.”
Abhinav Kaushik

“Valerie was my tutor in a short writing course. She was serious and competent, strict and encouraging. I can never forget her valuable feedback, which helped me a lot. I was lucky to have her as my tutor.”
Guisi Rotondo

“Valerie was a great tutor for the online course that I followed. She always gave me constructive feedback, and was honest to let me know when something worked and when it didn’t.”
Tanja Bisgaard


(Please note: this is not a proofreading service, although common errors will be highlighted. Refunds are not available during or after appraisal. I will read most fiction genres except erotica.)

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