Manuscript Appraisal

Twcw3Many people would like to write a short story, novella or novel. If you are one of them, but would like professional feedback on your manuscript, then please read on…

I enjoy encouraging fresh talent or helping more experienced writers develop their work further by offering constructive criticism. I have over fifteen years experience working for The London School of Journalism and Writing Magazine as a creative writing tutor, a reader for the Romantic Novelists’ New Writers’ Scheme and reviewer of books for the Historical Novel Society.

  1. Submit 1 – 2 page synopsis and a first chapter (3,500 words max.)  £60.00
  2. Submit 1 – 2 page synopsis and the opening three chapters (10,000 words max.)   £125.00
  3. Longer submissions have to be by arrangement so please message me with details as I will be happy to give a customised quote.

If you struggle creating a synopsis that captivates and grips the reader, then I can help.

For a synopsis of 1 to 2 pages (£75.00) answer the following questions and I will create one for you. Please do not submit the full manuscript, just your own synopsis if you have one!

  1. What is the genre of your novel?
  2. What is the theme of your novel – in one or two sentences? Keep it simple!
  3. Who is the protagonist(s)?
  4. Who is the antagonist(s)?
  5. What do they each want to achieve?
  6. What obstacles stand in their way?
  7. What do they risk losing if they do not overcome the obstacle?
  8. How do they change and grow as a result of overcoming the obstacle?
  9. How does the story end?
    A synopsis needs to reveal this as you are trying to convince and agent, publisher or editor to represent your work.
    Turnaround of feedback is within 28 days, or in very busy times by agreed arrangement.

“If you are looking for a creative writing tutor, look no further.  Valerie combines years of invaluable experience with a skilled, professional approach and an insight that will help you develop both your manuscript and your writing craft. Highly recommended to both aspiring authors and those looking to polish and improve their work.”

Nicola Cornick, award-winning international best-selling historical novelist.

“If it’s your ambition to write novels, novelettes or short stories, but
you don’t know where or how to begin your writing journey, Valerie could
definitely help. She is an experienced London School of Journalism tutor
and novelist who has written many novels and novelettes, and she really
knows her subject. She is also a great editor and appraiser, and has
been a mentor for the highly regarded Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme for many years.” 

Margaret James, novelist, journalist on Writing Magazine and teacher of
creative writing.

‘I’ve known hard-working Val for years and have seen for myself her diligence and her success as a writer. I’m not at all surprised to see such glowing references from students and clients.’

Sue Moorcroft award-winning Sunday Times and internationally bestselling author of emotionally compelling feel-good fiction.

Feedback and endorsements from my previous customers: –

“As a writer, it is very easy to become so lost in your plot and characters that the essence of the story is hidden from your readers. However clear and enthralling it may be in your head, does it translate effectively to the page?

Valerie’s feedback is both supportive and constructive. She is able to get inside the writing to suggest how a narrative can become tighter; characters more vivid and real – oh, and which scenes really need to be cut for the sake of the plot , however much you may love them!

I know that my books are so  much the better as a result of  Valerie’s professional feedback. From the advice and comments, it is clear  that she is completely invested in my characters and their stories. Every word, every note, every suggestion is there to help me to make my books the very best they can be before they are published.

I cannot recommend Valerie’s services highly enough.”

Heather G. Watts

“Valerie is a wonderful mentor and tutor. She helped me a great deal in polishing my manuscript and showed me how to improve the structure and flow of words in my novel.”
Abhinav Kaushik

“Valerie was my tutor in a short writing course. She was serious and competent, strict and encouraging. I can never forget her valuable feedback, which helped me a lot. I was lucky to have her as my tutor.”
Guisi Rotondo

“Valerie was a great tutor for the online course that I followed. She always gave me constructive feedback, and was honest to let me know when something worked and when it didn’t.”
Tanja Bisgaard

Please contact me below. (Payment by PayPal)

(Please note: this is not a proofreading service, although common errors will be highlighted. Refunds are not available during or after appraisal. I will read most fiction genres except erotica.)

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